Interior Design of an Apartment

What is interior design?

This is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of special volume as well as the surface treatment of a room or building. This work is done by an interior designer whose sole purpose is to craft space, anticipate our very needs and appeal to our emotions, but this is supplemented by a broad skill set and technical knowledge of the matter at hand. The interior designer has a team to work with such as architects, engineers, contractors, furniture designer and craftsmen.

There are key steps involved in successful interior designing.In this case, we are specific to apartments. Examples of such apartments are Happy Valley Oregon Apartments.

Steps Involved


This is the first stage; you are looking to design the interior of an apartment. This is whereby you are asked relevant questions; share your views on how you want it to be with regards to the allocated space at your disposal. Photographs are taken to have a visual representation of the current room, inventory on your existing furniture so as to know the space left after taking all the variables into account. Your Budget is also discussed so that the project can be done your financial capability.

Design stage:

Having taken your requirements under advisement. The design team will be able to develop logical designs in the form of drawings of the new design of your choice with your allocated space with all the materials required to implement it. They will present the drawing to you, and your original architect should be present to advice you on the matter at hand. The architect should inform you if the design suits the policy and regulations put in place as well as if the design is suitable for your house.

Construction Documentation:

In this stage, the drawings are presented to various contractors who would look at your design and be able to actualize and give a price under which they will perform the task. The contractor should be able to give you a fair pricing which is suitable for you. Upon agreement, the purchase of all the materials required is drafted and submitted.


Having purchased all the materials needed such as furniture and interior finishes among others. Therefore the contractors put the sub-contractors at work to implement the project.

This may involve creating a large dining room, a wide kitchen, an additional room added to the plan, a bigger bathroom.

  • Creation of a large dining room will create room to accommodate a lot of furnitures not only sofa set but also room for a dining table making the dining room fashionable.
  • A wide kitchen would accommodate some dishwashers and an oven. To make the kitchen self-contained and efficient.
  • An additional room will be used as the small gym to create room and accommodate a treadmill and some dumbbells to ensure fitness.
  • Enlarging the Bathroom to ensure that the shower can be able to accommodate more than one person in the case of couples.

There are various ideas among which they can be used to improve the interior design of an apartment. Examples of apartments which possess such qualities are called Happy Valley Oregon Apartments.