Building Apartments

When it comes to construction of a building, there are a lot of variables in question. It requires planning, designing whereby an architect comes, the construction which is done by engineers and contractors, a lawyer to secure a legal framework for the project.


This is the stage whereby you can state; what type of building you want, how many floors it should have, where to build it, the size of the building, capital required for funding the project. Securing the manpower required to undertake the job for example Plumber, Carpenter, mechanical and electrical subcontractors.

This is helpful in determining how far to stretch your budget.

In this phase also involves identification of the land in which you wish to build the apartments and purchasing the land. A surveyor will advise you accordingly on where to build the apartments to ensure that drainage and sewer of the building will be efficient and effective going forward.

Design development

In this stage, an architect is required to present a logical design of the apartment building as per your requirements. The architect will present the design to you and if the design is to your liking. The project will soon carry on, the materials and equipment involved will be stated. The schematics would be refined to be more detail, and afterward, a 3D model is presented. This will be helpful in securing a permit to build the project and to ensure the proposed plan meet the standards set by the county. An example of apartments that follow the policies and regulations put in place are happy valley Oregon apartments.

Construction and implementation of the project

Having drafted and submitted the materials and equipment. The delivery would ensure the start of the project at hand. The following will be required in the process of construction.

Breaking ground

  • The first part of construction involves digging by use of excavators to ensure that the foundation of the apartment will be strong and it will be held the building comfortably. To ensure the walls do not crack upon construction.

Installation of utilities

  • There are the essentials to ensure that ;there is wiring put in place to supply electricity to the house, water to be available to clean the house, drainage should be efficient to ensure that water doesn’t stagnate in the house and an effective sewer system to ensure waste disposal is way up to make the room hygienic free from diseases.


  • This is collective in the forms that it covers a wide area. Window, sheathing, roof, stairs and balloon framing. This is useful since it will be easy to install windows and the roofs among others.
  • After that, the following stated framing are put in place. Water resistant roofs are installed, the rough plumbing of pipes. Lighting and electrical systems are installed to illuminate the room.
  • Air sealing, insulation, and drywall will soon follow through to ensure the house is warm, free from air and safe regarding electricity.
  • Siding, Flooring, and Tiling follow through along with an installation of cabinets, shelves and the ceiling to ensure the apartment looks complete. After completion of the house, one is needed to obtain a certificate of occupancy to enable potential customers to secure houses.

After carefully considering and implementing the steps above to ensure the successful construction of the apartment. Examples of quality apartments are happy valley Oregon apartments.